Universal Studios, Six Flags And Disneyland Discounts For 2009

Los Angeles is a must stop for many fun loving people who also have a buzzing business life. Their families too will be able to get the best the entertainment available at the city as they earn their living.

It’s for your own safety, and cost the parks less then having bruised kids suing them! Since every ride is different there actually are several different ride height requirements in every theme park.

One of the biggest tourist attractions for families that can afford to travel abroad is Disney Resorts. With two to choose from just in the United States, either one is easy to get to. Orlando’s Disney World is the largest, and is a popular destination for many. They offer six different parks in one, with two being water wonderlands. There is also Epcot Center here, and this is the epitome of what an ideal world of the future should be. Even though this theme park opened it’s doors in the early 1970’s, it was and really still is one of the most advanced theme parks around.

Tip number 3 is, eat early or late and go on the rides at noon to 2:00 PM and at 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Most people even in a theme park stop to eat at those times as it’s what they do at home. So the lines will be a little bit shorter, maybe saving 10 to 30 minutes depending on the ride.

CLOVERFIELD – Cloverfield was a monster movie that almost felt like a Universal Studio Singapore park ride with its shaky cam effects. The acting in Cloverfield, however, made it more than just a “gimmick” movie. I liked it.3. THE SIGNAL – This science fiction movie falls into the horror genre as well. The Signal involves the world going mad with violence as a mysterious signal sounds off and turns people against each other. The movie is divided up into sections that show how the events are playing out for different groups of people. This movie is more of a “thinker’ movie than a lot of the genre pictures churned out and I recommend it for a viewing.

Never mess with a woman’s children because there is hell to pay. This seemingly motherly looking woman probably in her 40s or so seems quite friendly but she’s really not. Really she’s determined to kill counselors.

Southern California offers many sights and is especially warm and pleasant in the late fall and early spring when most of the country is cold. Los Angeles is the film industry capitol of the world. You can visit Universal Studios theme park and Disneyland. You may even be able to catch the taping of a television show. San Diego which is just about two hours south of Los Angeles is a beautiful mid size city and has many tourist options. The San Diego Zoo is world renowned and Sea World is a must see for wildlife enthusiast. If you have young children then be sure to visit Legoland which has rides and even replicas of famous sights made entirely out of Legos.

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Universal Studios, Six Flags And Disneyland Discounts For 2009

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