Taking Care Of Your Comic Book Collection

From Star Wars episode one until its last episode you were there watching! All the comics and the souvenir items of this intergalactic war of good versus evil are stored in your room. Well, it’s sure to say that you are a star wars fanatic. You don’t have to have all the collections to be a fan.

Fantastic Four #5 (July 1962) – This comic is notable to collectors because it features the first appearance of Doctor Doom. Stan Lee wrote this comic as well. It is said to fetch $3,500 in Very Fine condition.

First, not to be a graphic gestapo, but the visuals aren’t nearly what they should be on a next-gen game. There are some minor framerate hiccups and jagged surfaces aplenty and this does little to help it’s case. Many of the areas look washed out and not completed. Granted, it’s a demo, but when you want to show off what your product is capable, don’t you normally step it up not down?

LT: What was your reaction when the comic got labeled transgendered since it does not seem you set out to do that but perhaps more a Ranma 1/2 type deal?

Jelly Nuts : BillyBill… He will punch you in the face if he doesn’t like you… I have managed to be spared his wrath so far, but I am always carefuly not to make him angry… Once, on the website I did and interview with Billy Bill…. he got hate mail for a month from Juggalos telling him not to be so mean… He didn’t like it at all, and I thought he was gonna kick my BLANK then… If you are gonna send Billy Bill email, please don’t say anything to piss him off!

You wrote the successful Green Hornet series for NOW manga. The research done on the character seems rather deep, and at least goes beyond the television series of the 1960’s. What type of materials did you have access to at the time?

One thing you can do is go on line and surf the web or standup comedy. You will find many different sites that offer a variety of free comedy clips which are all hilarious. These are great for quick pick me up whether you’re just lounging around the house were having a hard time getting motivated to work.

I’ve several new comic series in the works. One of these, an historical western, will eventually be translated into a screenplay. I’ve also started teaching an 8 week course, aided by artist Rich Woodall, on how to write and draw comics for a local comic book shop. Our first session is nearing completion and a new one starts Jan. 3rd of next year. Add to this my bi-weekly internet book review column PULP FICTION, and you can see, I’m one busy camper. Ha. but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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