Quick Tips For Planning Your Wedding Music

Choosing your perfect wedding music can be very tedious. You have to pick music that all the guests will enjoy. Whether it comes to rock, ballads, waltz’, reggae, hip-hop, pop, Euro or any of the famous, traditional wedding songs, the guests always seem to have some sort of opinion. However, make the song very personal to you.

Before the ceremony begins, guests arrive at the venue, either before or during two major simultaneous events. These are the Kabbalat Panim and the Hakhnassat Kallah. At the Kabbalat Panim, translated as “Greeting the Guests”, men rejoice and toast the groom, in addition to each other. Afternoon prayers are often then recited. The ketubah, or marriage contract is also signed here. At the Hakhnassat Kallah, translated as “Attending the Bride”, she is seated in a special chair as a queen would be, and is surrounded by women who attend to her, to make sure that the bride is taken care of and is happy. This is the time to arrange her hair, makeup, and jewelry.

Make perfectly sure that the band is perfect for the kind of wedding that you’re having. You should choose whether or not you want the band to pump out today’s chart toppers, old time rock, jazz, Motown, or something different. Make sure the live wedding cover band you book plays the sort of songs you want.

Good wedding music bands always give a reception that extra special touch, creating a buzz that cannot be equalled with recorded music. No party is complete without music, and live wedding entertainment will enhance a reception like nothing else. However, it’s important to select a band that plays music you want to hear. You do not want a live wedding band to play inappropriate music on your special day. If your budget does not allow the hiring of one of the many popular live wedding bands, a professional DJ may be your next best choice. They may not be as exciting as a live wedding band, but they can still add lots of fun to the party.

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Let us talk about the idea of hiring a wedding DJ first. They will help you to play music CDs in your wedding. Of course they will also help to provide you some special stage effects. It will be certainly perfect for you to hire a DJ if you want every guest stand up and dance together. A DJ can really help you to heat up the atmosphere of your reception.

Music is an art form. It therefore has to be expressive and should fit to the mood of the moment. In wedding and similar celebrations, the music should be lively but occasional ballads or sweet tunes have to be played to express and enhance the romantic mood for the newlyweds. The couple is the focus of the celebration. Guests come to congratulate and wish them well for their journey to the consummation of their matrimonial union. The celebration is a send-off and must therefore be full of gaiety that is what is being suggested for their married life – a full and happy relationship.

As you plan your wedding look at what you can and cannot live without and adjust your budget accordingly. If you have to have a three course meal at your reception, then try to find a free place to have your ceremony or have your sister’s best friend who is practicing photography to take your pictures. Compromise is huge when you are working with a budget. As you can see there are many ways you can get your dream wedding for less you just have to work at it!