Online Business Success Through Failure

I write many things, including a blog. Recently one of my blog readers asked me about why her website couldn’t get return traffic. I thought everyone needs to know these three things, so I made this article for as many as possible to share.

Don’t forget to market your blog by visiting other like blogs and comment often. Most bloggers will comment back, allowing them to find out about your blog. Visiting forums about your topic and being involved will help advertise your blog.

If you plan to outsource shipping to an order fulfillment house, your content management system (CMS) has to synch up with the fulfillment house CMS so an order is sent to both parties and you can track shipping activities with a click. This is a step that’s often overlooked and the result is a bunch of emails flying back and forth until you can synchronize both content management systems. A waste of time and effort after launch.

Many mom bloggers want a more professional appearance. If you are one of those I’m sure you are thinking that you really need a domain name. Well I just stumbled on the easiest and as far as I can tell the cheapest way to accomplish that task.

You will see that the most blogs today are using the wordpress sidan and platforms. Hosting one of these yourself is a good idea, but you might want to pay somebody to set it up for you if you are not comfortable doing that sort of thing or it.

If, on the other hand, your blog will be for a company and you are blogging with the sole purpose of making an income online than you need to invest in a domain name and web hosting. Think of it this way: You would not open a fast food franchise in someone else’s building, would you? You should at least have a contract stating that you rent space so you can control, to some extent, what you do with the space. The internet is no different. If you own your domain name and have your blog hosted it is the same as owning some real estate online. This is important for the long-term success of your business. This is also the biggest mistake many beginners make.

Our review of SEnuke XCR has had a few common themes that, hopefully (in spite of the concise nature of the review itself) will help you out. This most recent update gives you so much more automation and control over your campaigns. Not only will the changes help you show how superior you are in terms of your submissions, they will help you raise yourself up within the ranks of the search engines.

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