Monster Pop! A Charming Slice Of Life Comic With Monsters

Veteran comic book and fiction author Ron Fortier has worked for years writing in a number of formats-including comic books, stage-plays, novels, short stories, movies scripts, and the exciting and burgeoning format of online comics and pulp stories. Ron burdens himself with an impressive list of credits, but the burden is one he happily carries into the future. Notable among his credits are The Incredible Hulk, the excellent Green Hornet series of the early 1990s by NOW Comics, and the Terminator: The Burning Earth series. He is currently involved with the creation of online comics and pulp-styled stories.

Yeah, that’s right. Comic books are for girls too. Hopefully more and more girls will realize that us comic book fans aren’t all a bunch of geeks and that comic books are a good piece of literature. So thumbs up to Captain X for trying to encourage girls to read comic books with some suggestions. Some of Captain X’s suggestions I wouldn’t have thought of as recommendations for girls but what do I know, I’ve never been a girl before (not that Captain X has either).

The show features stand-up minions Don Zollo, Kristin Seltman and Tom Dwyer. The hilarious improv troupe Made of Plastic will perform a scary improvised movie. And improv troupe Active Ingredients will close out the night with their outrageous and absurd comedy.

These eight Marvel comic books are costly collector’s items. The prices are what was listed on the websites and would vary according to the condition of the comic books.

Jelly Nuts : I made a descision a long time ago that I would never use my position at Psychopathic to get skins… I decided that it would interfier with the job,and I wanted to be hardcore like that… But let me tell you, that BLANK has been tough as BLANK!!! There are some hot as freaks out there… and I have had a decent share of Juggalettes who have offered to Jelly up the ol’ Nuts! When they send in their pictures ofthemselves and they are looking all hot, it is very tempting. But I usually just print up the pictures and put them on the bulletin board in case ICP or Twiztid would be interested… after all, thats who the freaks REALLY want to BLANK anyway.

Comic books like many things are a great way of entertainment, but also may include some not so great themes and ideas. Romona ponders whether comic books are a good thing or a bad thing due to the amount of violence and other things that are found in comic books of today.

The best scene in this movie is the CGI- driven chase/action sequence on the elevated subway trains. It’s the movie’s most kinetic and detailed feature.

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