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My name is Father Time, a self-help writer and motivational speaker, and please allow me to explain something that can work very well for those who are really willing to work at it. It is very simple, and I will break it down into 10 very simple steps…

I walked to the library and looked up “How to quit smoking herbal incense” on the internet and found a blog just like this one. That day was the beginning of the rest of my life. I started reading all these stories from other people experiencing the same exact things. I felt like I was reading my story, written by complete strangers. You might be feeling the same way right now. I hope you are. This lady named Karen spilled her guts on this post and it brought me to tears. I’m 6’1″ 225 lbs and I was crying like a baby. I’m not an emotional person but her post really hit home. That day I decided I was going to quit that poison called “Legal Weed”.

21. Double sided business cards. Depending on the nature of my conversation with someone new, I’ll either give that person my business card backside up (the side with the nametag) or front side up (the side with the books). Two very different purposes for each one.

As you can imagine, many of these attendees would have a smirk on their face when they heard a “guest speaker Baltimore Maryland” was going to be talking to them. I guess they figured I would put on my cheer leading outfit and pom-poms and say, “Let’s go sell!” Not quite. I realized a long time ago that you don’t motivate people. However, you can create an environment in which people are motivated.

Problems are negative. The word shifts the focus away from the person speaking and toward the subject. It presupposes that fault and responsibility for failure lies with that object or person, rather than you.

He went on to explain that, when times are tough, and when you feel that you have reached your nadir, that is when you are metaphorically navigating through uncharted waters. But, he also points out, that this is the precise time, that critical juncture, when we should be putting our dreams into place. Dreams give us hope. They keep us buoyant. Moreover, they open up to us, amazing possibilities for our future.

Practice, have patience and work at your craft. Give it time and you may become a motivation speaker with a great reputation and an awesome bank account.

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Money Making Business

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