Laughter Is The Best Medicine For Stress

I’ve often mentioned how I live in an apartment and have a limited amount of space. I always envision having a whole house, where there are rooms aplenty to store all of my books, comics, movies and other assorted things. Yet, my parents have a house, and they too have a storage shortage.

WHERE LOVE TAKES YOU is the true story of how my father met mother just prior to the start of World War II. They had been dating for about four months when we were attacked at Pearl Harbor. Dad was drafted shortly after, like millions of other American men, and their romance had to be put on hold for the next four years. What happened next is they fell in love in their letters to each other. It’s a story I heard all my life while growing up and it was such a joy to finally get it written and produced. On opening night my entire family were there and they filled theater. My Dad had passed away years ago, but Mom was there in the front row watching their love story unfold on stage. It was a magical time for all of us.

Throughout the demo, players are forced to enter “detective mode” which basically makes Bruce Wayne adopt a heat vision of sorts. The main purpose of this is actually to see the grapple points. Yes, there are grapple points, and, no, it’s nowhere near as intuitive as Bionic Commando. Your aim has to be precise and most the time, even in detective mode, you don’t know where the hell they are. So you spend time scouring the room looking for places to throw your toys because you, in true Batman fashion, have no real powers to speak of. You’re basically G.I. Joe in tights and with a smug sense of entitlement [Editor’s Note: It’s almost as though he hates the character. Almost.].

Hemsworth also starred in the movie “The Cabin in the Woods.” It’s a satirical horror flick that was released in 2012 and produced by Joss Whedon. After shooting finished and largely through Joss Whedon’s insistence and cajoling, Hemsworth auditioned for and landed the role of Thor.

Find a couple of stories about people traveling around the world, such as Under the Tuscan Sun. A mini atlas can inspire some travel plans. Throw in some phrasebooks in foreign languages, or a pocket translator. Add some small peanut packets and a mini can of soda, to be enjoyed as if one is riding on an airplane.

Mark Maier brings us an interesting prospective he has on comics. Mark Maier seems to be of the opinion that DC manga has a history of stereotyping it’s black characters in storylines. Whether you agree or disagree it’s an interesting, thought out article and it certainly got me thinking about a topic that I’ve never really noticed before.

The mysteriously named A.S. is back with his or her opinion on why a large percentage of comic book creators are men and not women. Today’s comic world has a small women fan base but the amount of women creators is even much smaller than that. A.S. offers up some suggestions on why there are not more women creators.

3)Purchase a good book on drawing comic book characters. Believe it or not, there are lots of books on the topic. A good one to start with is the ‘How to Draw Amazing Comic Book Characters Drawing Kit’ by Christopher Hart. Books such as this one will take you step by step through the process of drawing well-known comic book characters as well as creating your own. You can find all sorts of books on how to draw comic book characters at (see Resources below).

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