How Your Credit Card Info Can Be Stolen By Identity Thieves

Every business wants to sell as much as they can to their customers. There are a few problems that arise when a seller cannot accept a certain type of payment. One of the most popular ones is accepting credit cards. These days, more and more people are using credit card to pay their bills. Therefore, the ability to accept credit cards can surly enhance the business of any businessman by leaps and bounds.

Host a giveaway. To draw attention to her table, Winnie raffled off a large canvas print of art she created especially for the Circle of Sisters 2010 Conference. These raffle tickets helped build her mailing list and create more interest around her artwork. The best part of the raffle was seeing the reaction of the winner: she was so appreciative that she cried. People like free things, and they like to win. Think of unique giveaways to get people more interested in visiting your table.

The square footage you will need depends upon what you intend to sell and what quantities you want to display and keep on hand in your storage area. Determine the space you need by visiting other gift shops. Ask their area measurements. Look at the display furniture and cases they are using. Calculate the amount of stock you would need to fill an area of that size.

Keep trade show pricing easy. This is especially true if you’re dealing in a cash environment. Unless you plan to have bags of pennies, now is not the time for $19.99 or $9.95 pricing. Instead, stick with whole numbers in traditional denominations – $10, $20, etc. Have a wireless credit card machines for small business handy, but be prepared with cash for change as everyone will not be willing to hand over their credit card information.

My advice to you is to find something that you like to create and something that will sell very well within your geographical area. I paint images of musicians playing jazz music with a palette knife on wood and canvas. When I first started out, I painted a little of everything, landscapes, still life and abstraction and I would have all of them in one booth. I found out that this was not the route you should take if you want to be successful as an artist. Today people come-up to me and say “Hey you’re the guy who paints those musicians, I love your work”. They have identified me and my specialty. I want to make sure people are able to do the same when they see your artwork or see your name.

4) Computer. Inventory management, merchandise ordering, generating schedules and so much more will depend on your computer. While some of these functions can be completed as reports from your POS computer (If you choose to purchase such a system.) there are so many other daily, weekly and monthly tasks that are made easy with a computer.

Although card also save you money by enabling you take advantage of unexpected sales and bargain, it can also plug you into debt by reckless spending and negligence with your card information. So before you start to wonder where all the money has gone to? You have to think twice before you swipe your card across credit card machine in the name of ego boost shopping.

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How Your Credit Card Info Can Be Stolen By Identity Thieves

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