How To Start Up A WordPress Blog With Your Own Web Site

So, you’re blogging. Congratulations! Are you thrilled with your site or do you wish it had more to it? More traffic… more pictures… more ad revenue… I know exactly what you mean! If you want a jam up blog, then going with the status quo is not something that you want to do. Instead, set your blog apart from the pack and your blog will really rock. You might even make a little extra income too!

The world of Internet marketing is vast and competitive. While you can create your own blog header, you should probably leave it to the professionals unless you happen to be a design whiz. Make an investment in your brand and your business by creating a strong and relevant header and logo to represent your business.

Definitely, you will should have a web page for your web-based corporation. Determine if this is an element you ‘d prefer to contract out to other people, or if you would want to put together the web site on your own. trigona cms is a wonderful program for designing beautiful web sites, and it’s very simple to learn. One advantage of building your own internet site is that you can make changes to it any time you will want to, without having to call your webmaster.

Joomla and Drupal are perfect for business sites that include online retail, product reviews, or social networking. These two programs are also suggested if your web page primarily concentrates on graphics/images rather than content.

Think of the search engines as an “online popularity contest,” and you will be thinking correctly. And the way many of them measure it is incoming links from other web sites. So – you need to get out there and find some incoming links. If your content is good, some of these will grow “organically,” but by far your best approach is to make some of that happen. I use a couple of pieces of software for some basic link building, but I also manually generate links as well.. So – you need to go pay these people for incoming links. Which sux – and I hate it – but, I am a realist also. No incoming links means no winning the popularity contest which means no money….. Link building is vital. I will say that again and in bold – no incoming links from other websites equals no traffic equals no money.

All the changes can be made by logging in through your own website. You do not have to have website software like Dreamweaver or Frontpage, you do everything online. So if I am on vacation and I need to update my site I can do so from my hotel by logging in online and making the changes.

You might need to have to ‘save’ the changes a couple of times, for all customised settings to really operate. i.e. You conserve the ‘WP Tweet Button’ settings, only to learn some settings haven’t been changed, so you modify these settings and save again. Once configured and saved appropriately, you then need to clear any web page cache you happen to be using, for the changes to take impact across the whole web site.

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