How To Embed A Video Clip Into A WordPress Article

Ever wonder why some Internet entrepreneurs are making money in this tough economy while others are struggling? Pretty simple, at least in theory. By creating multiple revenue streams, no matter how small they may seem, you minimize your risk of being affected in a bad economy. And wouldn’t it be nice if you had many different businesses setup and in place that generate income? Because job security is hard to find, it is more important than ever to generate multiple revenue streams in order to build financial stability. The only way to guarantee a little bit of stability is to take matters into your own hands and setup a business – or two!

There will be those who say, I don’t have an extra $10 a month to spend on this, so it is a bank-breaker for me. But how often is that the case, really? Don’t a lot of people spend an extra $5 to $10 per day without even noticing? A stop at Starbucks or a pack of cigarettes will just about do it right there.

No, wait, here’s the real topper-offer: A hosting package in the $8-to-$10-per-month range will generally allow you to build an unlimited number of sites on the same package. You will have to buy a new domain name for each new site, but other than that, you can build 10, 50, or 100 sites for the same price!

Squidoo is an additional platform to write a blog. Squidoo gives you an chance to create webpage call lens. You can place it through different categories and create lenses that are unique to a particular niche after which share your interest with other people.

Blogsite. A blogsite, which is a web site/blog hybrid, is the quickest way to build an online presence. The two most popular blogging platforms, the fee-based Typepad and open source software Klicka vidare till sajten, can be used to create a blogsite very quickly. If you want either of them customized with a particular look or feel, that may take a bit longer and require a greater investment. However, either will work well to get you started, and both will permit you to enter your email marketing system’s signup code onto a page so that you can immediately begin to collect contact information from prospects who have requested your Client Attraction Device.

Everything we build in life should be anchored a good foundation, this also goes for building websites for profit. In our case here’s the foundation. . .

Be patient, many A-list bloggers have said it takes them years of work before getting serious traffic. Even if your goal is more modest, it will still take time and hard work.

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