Flyin’ The Frenzied Skies Of Business Ethics

During a meeting with one of my executive coaching clients recently, we discussed a different method to develop business goals. I call it my four-step method. I worked on it with him and found he took to it rather quickly, so I thought I would share it and invite comments. The steps are straightforward.

Or…is your manager challenging and demanding and isn’t interested in you as a person, but rather as a means to move the business along. Whichever manager scenario you work with, you need additional support to continue to grow within your current position and further develop your career.

Executive Coaching helps clients summon the courage to change their stories about themselves. It helps them imagine and create a different view of their lives – to see themselves as capable of seeing anew.

What do you want to measure in your business? To start, pick 2 areas. For each of these areas, did you have results from last year that you can specify? What are those results? Now, identify a target for this year, 2009. Do you want to increase it or decrease it? Remember my client I mentioned previously? He decided he wanted to measure an increase in sales and a decrease in expenses.

Basically if a person doesn’t trust you then their brain will be on guard for threats and will be acting defensively. This isn’t ideal for you! You want people to be flooded with Oxytocin and so open to your communication and feeling a connection with you. Our Synaptic Potential corporate training is designed to teach you how to do just this.

Since 1997 the Gallup Organization has surveyed approximately 3 million employees in three hundred thousand work units within corporations. This survey consists of 12 questions which are called the Q12 that measures employee engagement on a five-point scale indicating weak to strong agreement. The analyses of survey results show that those companies with high Q12 scores experience lower turnover, higher sales growth, better productivity, better customer loyalty and other manifestations of superior performance.

The New York Yankees gave birth to several top baseball coaches such as Miller Huggins and Casey Stengel. When a person thinks of the Yankees, the first thing that comes to mind is their record of nearly 30 World Series titles.

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Flyin’ The Frenzied Skies Of Business Ethics

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