Finding An Email Spam Filter That Works

Surely you’ve come across all kinds of free gift card offers online. You were probably thinking oh, that’s too good to be true. Who’s going to just give away a free gift card with amounts ranging from $250 up to even $1,500? Yeah, right. Well, you’d be surprised. Free gift cards are legitimate and are given away on a regular basis.

I did some comparisons over a few weeks using all four of my email addresses and you would be shocked at the amount of spam that I have received in all of my Inbox’s. Yahoo got the most junk mail, with Hotmail a close second, Gmail was pretty good and Excite blew them all out of the water. I also have attribute Gmail’s lack of junk with the fact I have had the address less than a year and only use it with my Google related projects. (which isn’t much).

Now we need to adjust some properties with the email account you just created. To start go to the page with all the accounts listed. Highlight the one you just made by clicking on it. Once highlighted click the “Properties” button.

You should keep your password in mixed words of capital letters and small letters. Do not use single and short word, always use more than nine letter words in mixed letters or alphanumeric words.

You could make the argument that there is no way you would be able to read all of those emails. In one sitting, probably not, but again, if enough writers do it, you can get away with writing a bit less and devoting more time to reading. It’s not like the emails are going to go anywhere, they’re in your inbox. Even space isn’t an issue, not anymore. My outlook login gives me more storage space as I need it (and I already have plenty) so that’s not an issue, I’ve got all the time in the world. With the multiple windows feature on most internet servers, I can go through them even quicker. As long as the page view rate is high enough, this is doable.

We first got internet when I was in the 10th grade. It was the year 1996 and dial up had finally made it in India. This was also the time when the Indian economy was first opening up and the Telecom industry was one of the very first to be liberalized and disinvested. It used to take me hours to get a stable connection online.

These are the two methods that worked for me. I originally got the Hot Email app and used that for a couple of days, then figured out how to sync my accounts, and now just use Hot Email as a “backup” of sorts. No more logging into my Hotmail inbox at night and having to go through all of my emails a second time. Plenty of time left in the day to sharpen my Facebook stalking skills and pretend to do work at Starbucks. Thanks, corporate sync/Hot Email!

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Finding An Email Spam Filter That Works

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