Chinese Astrology The Early And Late Hours

The Devil perches on a black half cube. He has bat’s wings, donkey ears, a goat’s head and horns , a man’s body, feathered legs and feet like a bird of prey.

Originally, when in our Innocence we used our powers of telepathy, healing, love generation, form change, clairvoyance-sentience-audience, bilocation etc. there were some beings that shamed these talents, denied them, put them down. These “denial spirits” did this partly because they do not want to be seen for what they are doing or who they are. They wanted their doings to remain secret. Whenever we agreed, made an “agreement” in our minds, our thoughts accepted what we were being told by those denial spirits denying our powers, it became so! We lost those talents, those mastered energy spaces. You cannot lose energy or parts of your Self unless you agree to it in this free will universe.

In-Betweeners: Your first word is ZODIAC. There are twelve signs of the ZODIAC and although I don’t live my life according to Black magic to kill Enemy, I sometimes read my horoscope to see if there is anything so pertinent to the day ahead. I sometimes read yesterday’s horoscope to see if what they said came true. My take on the ZODIAC is that it is very vague and can apply to nearly anyone, but I am a Sagittarius and my husband is a Gemini which is the total opposite and we have been married almost forty-five years and although we are opposites in many respects; it worked for us all these years. So I have a great respect for the ZODIAC but I don’t live my life by it.

A few years ago, when Keith and Anita still lived in Bing Crosby’s old house out on Long Island, I went to spend a couple of days with them. I’d bought this rare book in this weird little bookstore in New York. The guy kept it in the back room; it was about Black magic and sh*t. I took it with me. A little light satanic reading for a weekend in the country. It was about the derivation of the Seven Sacred Sins and all that dark stuff. When Anita found it under my bed, she had a f*cking fit. She ripped the book up. When I asked her why she did it, she screamed at me in front of Keith, “How dare you bring this into my house? Are you here to cast spells on us?” Meanwhile we were all gacked to the nines on coke.

Meditate or pray. This last part is crucial. What is dumped into the cards can be recycled just like manure. Just as the Great Spirit, Holy Guardian Angel, Holy Ghost or whatever higher power one uses to consult the Tarot can give, so it can receive. Energy, according to Einstein, is neither created nor destroyed and so this energy, negative as it may be, can be reused. Separate the deck into its five elements, returning your thoughts and feelings to the Universe.

Well all of us are right, about the New Year beginning on 1st January, the calendar year, but as planets rule us and our lives, at least the seasons and our life, we should follow the planetary patterns to actually define time periods. Getting confused? Losing interest?

Protective measures can and should be taken; one of the most important is a well-made Tarot bag for your cards to guard them from the elements, like protecting a child from screaming parents or passing cars. Remember the primary occult colors: black absorbs, red attracts, white purifies. Choose colors based on the theme and aura of your deck. Black is highly recommended as it can stop negative energy from permeating your tarot bag and infecting your deck.

Hence, from the above mentioned discussion it is quite and rather evident that the consequences of the Vedic Astrology are immense and huge in number. Hopes have been high which have been set on a very higher level. Hopefully, in the future time period, this practise will surely be abolished sooner or later. This is the right time. Do not get late and remove and eliminate this practise of Vedic Astrology from your life right away and right now.

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Chinese Astrology The Early And Late Hours

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