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Choosing the right nursing home is the key that can make the difference between your aged loved once happiness. If they approve of the nursing home you have chosen, chances are they’ll feel at peace with spending the rest of their life in their care.

Week 36: Forget looking like a penguin. A beluga whale is more like it. I thought I walked strange before. Seriously, baby can make his appearance any day now.

If, like Annie predicts, the sun’ll come out tomorrow, you must bring your kids to the sand castle and sculpture contest at Robert Crown Memorial State Beach in Alameda. Load up the buckets and shovels because anyone can enter including families and kids. Not to be the boss of you, but I would recommend calling a family meeting tonight to get your plans sketched and in order. Last thing you want is Sally and Bobby arguing publicly about whether to include a killing field or a moat around the castle. Kids…

Week 14: Great, the nausea is passed but now I feel completely bloated all the time. I need to get on a pregnancy exercise plan to get my metabolism going and digestion operating more efficiently. Not sure if nausea or constipation is more unpleasant.

My doctor started me out on 10-milligram doses for the first three weeks. After the second day, I felt great. However, I was taking the Lexapro at night right before bed, and it was causing me to fall asleep around 1400 hours every day. For some people, this wouldn’t be a problem, but there was no way I could take an afternoon nap every day at work. Then, by the time I got home from work around 1730 every day, I would sit down on the couch to watch the evening Costa Blanca Events. I’d be asleep within five minutes, and not wake up until the next morning, leaving my spouse to care for our young children alone. Since that never happened to me before I went on Lexapro, and I knew I wasn’t pregnant, I decided to ask my doctor about it. So, during the second week of treatment, I made an appointment to see my doctor.

Week 32: Heartburn is my enemy. I’m trying to follow all the guidelines for helping heartburn like avoiding spicy food, citrus fruits, carbonated beverages, and greasy food (what can I eat?). Nothing is helping. I lay propped up in bed at night until I finally fall asleep sitting up. Then at about 2 in the morning I wake up with a stiff neck and am able to sleep on my side.

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