Blogging – What Is It All About?

I’m a huge fan of Google. With nothing but Google tools, you can quickly set up an entire online business of your own. What’s presented here is intended to be a multiple use miniature business plan.

The problem becomes even worse if you need your computer to do work. If you do, then you should keep your computer at home off, or at least offline. If you are not using a computer at work and find that you are having problems with your home computer, but cannot simply turn it off, there are a few things that you can do. The first is to set up a new user on your system who doesn’t have access to instant messaging, and can only use a few web sites. That will put a damper on your extraneous surfing. If you do not have an always-on connection (ie if you use dial-up) then the problem is a little easier. Just don’t connect. That will make it easier for you to keep yourself from the distractions that the internet provides.

Once you have a website or blog in place and it is getting a decent amount of traffic you need to consider ways of converting that traffic to revenue which can pretty much run on autopilot.

Make a list of what you are willing to do and not willing to do. Some people like to write and so they choose things like, or selling information to make their living online. Fancy making more money writing blogs than trying to convince a publisher to publish your book! It’s happening all the time. Or say, you like the support of a business that is all ready to go for you. We call that a Turn-Key Business and they are hugely popular and have a good track record if approached properly. In other words, like a real business, not easy money.

In October 2006 Odeo was failing due to iTunes announcing that their iPods would have a podcast service and this paired with Twittr slowly growing left Investors worried. Evan Williams, who was already rich due to selling blogging site Blogger to Google, offered to buy out the owners of Odeo by saying that he felt sorry for them and he wanted to help them out. These investors now say that Williams deceived them and that they were betrayed. As soon as Williams acquired Odeo he changed the name to Obvious Corporation. The name of Twittr was then changed to Twitter.

Example: It takes about 16 pounds of grain to produce just one pound of meat. That grain could be feeding human beings who lack food. Thus, if you stand for the plant-Lifestyle Blog, and eat plants not meat, people shall live, because of you, that might have died..

In order to get the best results out of your mailing list, you should consider sending out newsletters. This is a huge help in further increasing your traffic, the sales on your recommended products and your social network on your own. Taking all these into consideration, it is safe to assume that your mailing list and the newsletters that you send to your audience and subscribers are among your most essential revenue generating tools.

Building links to your website is the way to increase it’s popularity and get more traffic. You will not only improve your placement on the search results but will also begin to increase you page rank. Page rank is a Google quality score that rates the relevancy of your site.

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