Being Green While On Vacation – 5 Tips

A clean home is the best thing for the comfort and health of your family. Dust build-up, mold and bacteria growth, unwanted bugs in your home can all be a heath concern. A good thorough home cleaning can eliminate these negative effects as well as provide a fresh clean atmosphere for your home that your family can enjoy and appreciate. Cleaning the entire house usually occur during the spring as it is the best season to air out mattresses, hang-dry laundry, and dusting rugs and furniture. Although, spring cleaning require a lot of work, depending on the amount of junk and mess you have in your home, it is well worth the effort. Here are some tips on how to clean your entire home one room at a time.

Borrowing is the new cool for us green types. You can borrow books from libraries, movies from DVD rental stores, even power tools and appliances from hire companies. You’ll not only save yourself a fortune, you’ll be helping our earth.

Recycle old electronics and printer cartridges. Keeping these items out of our landfill is more important than most people realize. There are several ways to dispose of these items that don’t involve throwing them away. You can save them until Jackson’s next ava recycling Event or take ink cartridges to some of the chain office supply stores. If you subscribe to curbside recycling, check to see if your item is on the list of items they accept. Old ink cartridges are definitely on the list, and ink isn’t something we want seeping into our water supply from the landfill.

A CRT-style TV set (the kind that were sold in the decades prior to the commercial availability of flat panel plasma and LCD sets) are among the heaviest objects found in a house. A big set can easily weigh several hundred pounds. Even a flatscreen TV is big (many weigh 50 pounds or more) and takes up a great deal of space in a vehicle. Disposing of a TV means having to lug a big, heavy object outside, finding a vehicle capable of carrying it, then unloading. In short, it’s a lot of work.

Much like in an apartment, all it takes in a larger home is a bin that is small and easy to use. If it is a stackable recycling container, better still. If possible, try to use a recycle bin in your kitchen that has a handle for toting your recyclables to your curb side recycle bin or recycling cart several times a week.

The first time that you charge your laptop the indicator may show that it is full after only fifteen minutes or so of charging. Although this is normal, it certainly does not mean that your battery is actually full. If this does occur, take out the battery and then put it back in, repeating the charging procedures. Then, without the laptop ac adapter plugged in, let the battery run completely out. Repeat this same procedure at least eight times over the next few days. Always be sure to give your battery a full overnight charge.

You could always check with your town or city government for any electronics recycling program they may have. If appreciable, find out where their drop-off location for electronic goods is.

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