Baby Boy Names And Baby Girl Names From The Gods And Goddesses

With all the different kinds of names that we come across, there are some people who just want something totally and completely different than any other. Believe it or not, if you are wanting a unique name, that can very well be feasible. There are hundreds of unique Welsh names that are up for grabs, so why not see if there is a name that is unique and beautiful for your baby daughter?

Keep in mind, too, that baby names can become a burden to a child if perhaps he or she believes he or she must live up to exceptionally high standards. If a kid was indeed named after a legend within your region or culture, will she be able to deal with the pressure?

Here is another popular name that has a beautiful ring to it! It took a sudden nosedive in the 1960’s and climbed back into popularity back in the 1970’s. Hannah means grace of God. She was one of the wives of Elkanah. Consider this name for one of your choices in Biblical baby names for girls.

One of the step sisters off of the Disney cartoon, Cinderella is who inspired this name. Anastasia finds it’s origin in Greece. The meaning for this name is the one who is resurrected.

There are many trendy baby names for boys with religious meanings. That said, there are many great baby names which do not have religious meanings as well. Remember that no matter what name you choose, your son will have to live with it. While the meaning of a baby name may be significant to some, others may not find it so important.

A very trendy baby name for girls is Annabelle, which may remind some of Isabelle. This name with English origins means “from Anna and Bella.” It can be an elegant baby name choice for girls.

(10) Brett: I think this could be a great crossover name for a little girl. There are not many boys named Brett running around anymore and it would be super cute on a baby girl.

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