Archery Equipment – Use Of A Bow Stringer To String A Recurve Bow

A target archer remains stationery and shoots at a stationery target at a given distance. Choosing the right target archery equipment is crucial in honing your skills. Your equipment should depend on your needs, purpose and level of skills. Before you get too excited and run to the nearest store, you have to establish a budget first. You can shell out $100 for a bow or spend thousands of dollars for your equipment, it’s really up to you. If you are a beginner, it’s better to stick to what you can afford until you become more committed to the sport and feel that you need to upgrade.

This year there was field corn planted along the dirt road which we had checked out a few days earlier. I noticed a paw print. A bear track which was smaller than most. This meant there had been a bear cub there which would have included the mother close by.

If a person is serious about archery, he quickly learns that a good bow needs a bit of maintenance and some tweaking now and then for maximum performance. If you have a good archery shop in your area and happen to be best friends with the owner, you might not need your own home shop, but otherwise, it is a very wise investment. A person who masters the art of maintaining their bows and arrows will be able to better master the art of archery itself. Perhaps, the most essential element of the home archery shop is the bow vise.

And third, get a high quality, light gathering best single pin bow sight. A lot of your hunting will be done in dim lighting and you’ll be glad you have a light gathering site. You’ll make a lot more shots with a good sight.

My husband and I have headlights you can strap on. They also have a bright white light or a red light which to me makes it easier to see. We went our separate ways and I started down the road whistling with my red head light on. I can almost see a joke there.

The visualization part of this exercise is that you should imagine an actual ‘target’ that you are aiming for. Now ‘draw’ the bow and arrow as if you are really shooting by gently stretching the arms away from each other. At the maximum point of the stretch, ‘aim and release’ your arrow by releasing the fingers of the right hand. Imagine that you feel the arrow release from the bow and sail directly towards the target.

Carve the wood so that it looks slightly like a boomerang. Next take the string (rawhide works well) and wax it. This is to protect it from the elements more than anything.

You can also make archery bows with glue only. This can be done by using all the materials, and then bonding them with a lot of glue. This kind is usually stronger.

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Archery Equipment – Use Of A Bow Stringer To String A Recurve Bow

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