An Inside Guide To Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio, the emerald of Costa Rica where the color green was conceived. I first came here 20 years ago as a freelance wildlife photographer. Primates are my specialty and Costa Rica has 4 species. I’d photographed gorillas in Rwanda, chimps in Uganda and orangutans in Borneo and was looking for primates in a place that didn’t take 2 days to get there from Manhattan Beach, California.

Now, I’m not suggesting you eat bugs on your next vacation. This is merely to illustrate the very different travel experiences you can have. I was fortunate enough to have a friend or to make a friend in each of these places who delighted in showing me what lay hidden within the white space between the lines of the best guide books. My mission is to be that person for you – the one who leaves you feeling as if you’ve seen the “real” Manuel Antonio.

The Jelly Belly Factory also includes a visitor center where you can taste any of the Jelly Belly candies at the sample bar. There is also a cafe which includes jelly-bean shaped pizza. China Tours of the factory run all year around during business hours.

The city has recently undergone a major changeover and there have been significant improvements in its basic infrastructure. The city is fast becoming as a popular tourist destination mainly because of its art and culture.

Reserva Conchal is my favorite resort in Costa Rica. It is luxurious without really trying to be luxurious it just is. The Reserva Conchal golf course is excellent and a definite bonus to anyone choosing to live here.

Consider giving the children who are invited to your wedding, some amount of responsibility to keep them focused and not let them get bored. A young man can be an usher, or you can even give the kids disposable cameras to take photos. This will not only keep them entertained but also save any hurt feelings for someone who was passed over as ring boy or flower girl.

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