Advantages Of Electric Bikes

Have you ever considered abandoning your car and using an electric push bike? They can be quite expensive items to buy but there is always the option of actually building your own.

The advertisers for Cyclone bike motor kits tout their product as the best motor kits to increase the range and power of your bicycle. The Cyclone motor is compact but efficient, and you get some of the best cruising and climbing power available in a motorized bicycle. Cyclone bicycle motor kits are quality products at fair, cheap prices. You don’t have to worry about cheap quality, however. Cyclone kits are some of the best on the market.

Some of you may be thinking “Ah but wait! Don’t you have to charge the batteries? Doesn’t that increase my home electricity bill?” Well yes you do have to charge the battery, most will charge overnight and some will charge over 2-3hours. But on average the cost of charging a battery is between 10-15p. Now when you consider that charge a single could last you anything between 30-60 miles that works out at incredible value for money.

The good thing about having an bici is that whenever you feel like some exercise, you just ride it like any other bicycle. Just switch the motor off and peddle to your hearts content. Remember if you run out off your own power just turn the motor back on and you can get to wherever you are going in style.

Well, first of all there’s perhaps the most obvious reason… all the money you can save. Let’s face it motoring costs are significant these days for most people and in my own experience these costs are going up month on month as fuel costs increase, not to mention car insurance, MOT costs, maintenance, parking… it all adds up.

Mr. Sheldon said that two keys to his comfort in life now are related to having Social Security Disability Insurance and his sister’s help with daily activities when he needs it.

Looking at some stats, a medium class household usually has a minimum of 2 cars. A high up well to do household has between 3 and five cars. Most of these houses also have one or more two wheelers, especially in countries where the Public transport systems are not well developed. And Even the public transport uses fuel. Well imagine the amount of fuel we are consuming and the pollution we are throwing into the air.

Bikes that has a motor mounted to it can only go as far as the battery life it has. If you like cycling all day, then there is really no point for you. You can buy spare batteries to give the bike a longer distance to cover but there is still a limitation. And not to mention that charging the batteries can be between the range of 6 to 8 hours too.

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