4 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using AURA COLORS

Mood: Unravel the Mystery

Exist times when you really feel uncomfortable in crowded areas? Exist moments when you feel as if your area is being invaded?Some people can just come so close to you. This is a response activated by your mood.

It’s feasible that someone else’s aura is intruding upon yours.

Sometimes, you feel uneasy in the presence of a particular individual. You go into a space, you have this sense that something is incorrect. The human aura is a strong electro- electromagnetic field. We release electric energy and take in magnetic one.

You can feel this energy force in a space packed with individuals, where varying powers, favorable and unfavorable are being intercharged.

The aura is an extension of our powers, be it strong or weak, fair or otherwise, light as well as bright or plain and thick.

It is a band of energy that surrounds us, a life power that can be noticed around every living thing, plants, trees, pets, birds as well as people.

There are 7 layers of mood, yet the most obtainable to the human understanding are the initial 3 layers bordering the body.

Auras can be seen with the eyes wide open. It can additionally be seen psychically with the eyes closed. Auras can be best seen under a soft light. You can check your own mood by looking at a mirror versus a light color background with dark illumination.

Look beyond the things and also do not concentrate on it.Auras are observed much more prominently around the hands, in between the shoulders, neck and also head area.

Those who can see aura mostly observe the mental and etheric layers or airplanes. These are the colorful layers of mood.

Physical Aura

Closest to the body is the physical mood. It stands for the body’s physical growth, strengths and weak points, physical experiences, enjoyable and unpleasant. This band is really solid in professional athletes and people who are in touch with themselves- appreciate life’s satisfaction like food, convenience, sex, and so on

. Psychological and Psychological Mood

Moving away from the body is the second layer. This mirrors the individual’s emotional moods as well as psychological sensations, concerning how one feels regarding oneself.Any block in this field slows down the circulation of energy. This component of the aura is changeable as well as changes through the day, depending on the mental and also psychological excitements one really feels.

Spiritual Mood

This component of the aura mirrors the power of the spirit and also its growth. The color on this level is most remote. Psychological sluggishness receives this area.

Adverse thoughts built up in time programs in this area. It is thought that yellow is primary in at this degree.

Reading the Mood

These degrees can be checked out independently or combined with each other.The colors are not physically divided by a line or room between them. They seem to fuse or become one another. One color may be a lot more dominant than others. As one creates the capacity to read auras, feasible info can be originated from the various levels.

There is no power structure of judgement entailing the shades as well as their positioning in the mood. The colors are just signs of the person’s existing state, can be reviewed to strengthen the positive as well as/ or aid ease troubles.

Bear in mind, as living things change, so do the power fields. As we establish, as we address our troubles, as we work through preventing blocks, we remain to balance our energies.


When reading a mood, do no quit yourself after noticing the colors. Identifying the colors is the beginning of the mood reading. Verbalize what you see, this not only defines what you see, it improves the flow of your instinct as well as helps with an insightful reading.

You can see one color, or a mix thereof. The shades may expand stronger or brighter as the analysis progresses. Depend on your ability to interpret properly with a clear mind what you see or pick up.

When people are comfortable with one another, their aura tend to compliment each various other in an attractive way.

Learning about mood assists you to elevate your intuitive professors.

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